Therapy Cost (rates vary):

50-minute individual session: 

Kelsey: $140

Kirsten: $140

Jillian: $150

Natalie: $150

Mark: $180

Rebecca: $180

50-minute couples session:

Kelsey: $160

Kirsten: $180

Mark: $200

Rebecca: $200

We do offer 80-minute and 2-hour sessions, please inquire if you think this would be helpful for you.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Insurance is likely to reimburse you for your treatment with Full Bloom Counseling, but we do not directly bill them for our services nor can we accept the significantly reduced rates that they pay out to therapists, paperwork requirements, and requirements for a diagnosis.

Providing therapy under the constraints of a third-party payer too often interferes with the ability of our clients and us to make collaborative decisions about treatment. For example, third-party payers can influence the type, frequency, and duration of your therapy. We believe treatment decisions should be made exclusively by clients and their therapists. In order to maximize the freedom, confidentiality, and choice of the people we treat, we do not sign contracts with third-party payers or bill them directly.

In order to see if your insurance will reimburse you (or put your cost towards your deductible) from an out-of-network provider, you can ask your insurance company and then provide them with a β€œsuper bill” (a receipt for services). Your therapist can provide this monthly statement for you at your request!

Q: Do you offer a lower fee?

A: Rebecca offers a lower fee for counseling students. These spots are limited and may not be available. Interns and other clinical associates have lower rates, please ask!

Q: Do you only work with Millennials?

A: No! We love working with all generations! We have years of experience working with Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Z and we love them all! We recognize the importance of taking into consideration and honoring the culture of each generation in our work together. We appreciate the differences in each generation. Our work doesn’t have an age requirement!