Full Bloom Counseling: Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Denver, Colorado

At Full Bloom, we believe every person has the potential to live more authentically and to love more fully. We believe one way to do that is to engage in the therapeutic process in a way that is uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you are looking to heal your relationship with a partner or family member or to heal your relationship with yourself, we can help.

We provide quality, effective, and evidence-based treatments through online teletherapy for Colorado residents. From the comfort of your own space, we will help you to heal and grow, and connect to your authentic self, so that you can live and love with freedom!

Ready to heal your relationship?

If you’re longing for a connected relationship, we are here. Whether you want to address this as a couple, family, or an individual, therapy can help get you unstuck from where you’ve been. Full Bloom’s therapists will support and guide you to healthier relationships where you can be your full self and get your needs met.

Ready to ditch dieting and be free from negative body image?

If you have tried dieting and you are ready for a lasting and healing solution to food issues and body-image issues, we can help. We can help you ditch the diets and engage in life from an intuitive and healed place.

Full Bloom’s therapists are all Health at Every Size (HAES) informed (what’s this?), believing in the guiding principles of:

  • Respect: Including respect for body diversity.
  • Critical Awareness:  We challenge false scientific and cultural assumptions. We value your body knowledge and your lived experience. We acknowledge social-justice injustice, and we focus on healing the harm that weight stigma causes.
  • Compassionate Self-Care:  We support people in moving towards mindfulness, attuned movement, intuitive eating, and other self-care strategies.

Ready to find yourself?

Sometimes we feel lost and can’t find our footing. We have been there before, and we know how to help you out of the darkness. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, trouble adjusting and coping with life, or other issues that are impacting your daily life, our therapists can help you come back to yourself and find healing. You deserve to find joy again. If you're ready, let's get to work!