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Kirsten Adorno

My Philosophy

Our lives are narratives that include stories of triumphs, losses, joys, and wounds. As a therapist, it is an honor to be a part of the narratives of my clients. To get a glimpse of who you are through the lens of your stories. Experience has taught me that relationships can be powerful and healing, which is why I seek to have a connection with my clients that rests on a foundation of trust and realness. I strive to create a space where my clients feel welcome, heard, and safe enough to discover and become their full selves. While this journey of self-exploration is one that might involve confronting and healing our pain with patience, I also love integrating humor and moments of celebration in our work together.

My Background

I remember the first time I saw a therapist. I felt alone and in desperate need of someone to sit with me in my pain and stuckness. It took me nearly a month to make the initial intake call. It took me another few weeks to muster up the courage to schedule an appointment. I wondered if I really “needed” therapy and if it would be a waste of time. Nearly 10 years later, I look back with gratitude that I did not allow my doubts to keep me from bravely pursuing healing and confronting my shame rather than running from it.

Some of the issues I work with clients on are: identity, relational communication, attachment, conflict resolution, spirituality/faith, racial identity development, and grief/loss. Many of the individuals, couples, and families I work with are simply trying to get “unstuck”. Other clients, however, don’t feel stuck at all, they are simply looking for a space of their own to feel heard and supported. My ideal clients want to play an active role in their process of healing and growth, regardless of what that looks like. Whether I see a client for 3 sessions or 3 years, my deepest longing is to meet them where they are at, to see and acknowledge their inherent worth, and to genuinely walk alongside them as they courageously blossom into their authentic selves.

In my free time, I enjoy doing escape rooms with friends, binge watching post-apocalyptic thrillers, and being a foodie with my husband!

Education & Licenses

Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling - Denver Seminary

Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy - Denver Family Institute

Gottman Method Level I

ICEEFT Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship Training



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